Le trot plus qu'une allure, une culture

This section is a real promotion media for "Trotteur Français" abroad. Ads published on this site correspond to this objective. This section will permit you to: :

  • Propose "Trotteur Français" for sale.
  • To view the "Trotteur Français" ads.

The SECF (the French Association for Horse-Breeding) does not guarantee, under any circumstances, the sale of "French Trotters" resulting from the classified ads section on the www.cheval-francais.com Web site. Its role is restricted to providing a sale and purchasing tool for owners of "French Trotters" throughout the world; it plays no role whatsoever in the transaction and cannot provide any guarantee regarding the condition of horses advertised or the correct conclusion of transactions. Information in this section is binding only for the advertiser.


The SECF was alerted on fraudulous attempts concerning some transactions.

So-called potential buyers propose a payment higher than the agreed price with a cheque which cannot be honoured. Greatest vigilance is thus advised with those wishing to sell their horses and it is recommended to claim the payment of the transaction either by credit transfer, or by certified cheque of bank.